Monday, November 10, 2008

Need Help

You never realise how much you really matured untill you hang out with people half ur age who are acting stupid.These people can be anyone from friends to family.The thing that bugs me the most is when people think they are getting away with things and they really arnt.In fact i dont really care about whats they do.I care more about the people the hurt and disabey in the process.Some times I wonder if Im the only one that really knows when somthings wrong and makes a point not to do it just cause i know its wrong.Im not saying im perfect and I never do whats wrong,but i never do somthing delibertly.If i get in trouble for doing somthing wrong, I dont turn around and do the same thing the week after.So thaT makes me wonder why other people do that.I wish i could read minds and goes on in "that head" When should you say somthing and when should you mind your own buissness? where do i draw the line?

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